Artist Statement

Carolyn Meredith-Joys of Evening-2016.jpeg

Through my work I express a personal connection to an uncertain, ever changing world.

I am a process oriented artist, working in the mediums of painting, photography and mixed media, constantly exploring and developing ideas as I work. I love to travel, talk to people and explore new places, and I have always enjoyed the journey as much as the destination. My paintings are expressions of this spirit of adventure and ultimately of who I am.They are free flowing, textured and expressive and built with the same sense of trepidation, hope and discovery that I bring to my travels and to my life as a whole.

A new piece may be sparked by anything; perhaps a color I am fond of, or the play of light across some stainless steel, or from a new environment, a scent, a sound, or a fragment from a photograph. I create art because it is my way of connecting with my experiences and expressing my creativity is something I have to do. I am a woman. I listen, I process and I need to be heard.

Through my work, I am seeking freedom and self expression, no matter the medium, I work intuitively. In my abstract paintings, in order to increase the free flow of consciousness, I rarely use paintbrushes, instead choosing found objects and household tools such as sponges, cardboard, paint rollers, tooth brushes, palette knives and squeegees. I apply paint, then scrape it away, apply more paint, add water, pastels or ink, sometimes adding paper, photographs or newsprint. I continually construct and deconstruct. To create texture, I scratch shapes on the surface of the paint with a palette knife, or add medium to create form. I continue to do this until I am happy with the outcome. The work is finished when it looks meaningful to me and gives expression to my inner voice.

My work is a constantly evolving process and it is the journey towards completion, that tension between the planned and the unplanned, structure and lack of structure, that propels me forward and keeps me creating again and again.

" The purpose of art is not rarified, intellectual, distillate---it is life, intensified, brilliant life."  Alain Arias-Misson